Advise, Monitor
An experienced commercial team
A committed opposite number

A manager is singled out of the commercial team to confront his experience with your needs. Liaising with all the incoming services (designers, foremen, logisticians), considering the specifics of your market, notably regulation requirements, he will help set out your project in full.

He drives your project up the different steps of the making and keeps you informed. His commitment to deadlines and quality control of all inputs is our best asset and your guarantee of spec-compliance and timely delivery.

Devise, Experiment
An in-house Creation Studio
High performance CAD tools

Out of your brief our designers work out the most appealing yet practical solutions. You will be presented with the more cost effective ones. In turn draughtsmen translate the 3D vision of your project into detailed scale drawings.

Our youthful enterprise finds it a challenging opportunity to engage into demanding new projects. Managers are used to source new products and audit new suppliers. Designers are keen on exercising their creative capacity with new materials.

Manufacture, Assemble
New and efficient equipment
A network of audited specialists

Metal sheet, rods, tubes, threads are cut, bent, welded to shape your project. Our metal skilled workers assisted by new and efficient equipment build prototypes and produce series.

In the workshop multi specialised workers assemble multi material products.
All other materials (Cardboard, MDF, Acrylic…) are supplied by a cluster of regularly controlled partners, each one specializing in one trade (Printer, Silk-screen printer…)

Your dedicated manager will integrate all lead times and control the quality of all inputs with the view to comply with your spec and your market regulation requirements.

Pack, Deliver
Product secured against transport hazard

There is no product without proper packing. Packing is conceived right at the start of the project. It shall safeguard the quality and integrity of the product until it reaches the point of sale and keep the transport costs as low as possible.

Our logisticians will take great care of your order all along the way according to the Incoterm and the delivery timetable you have opted for.

You can benefit from our 2000 sqm storage capacity to cut down on production costs and shorten lead time to transport time only, should you place an annual or a multi annual order.

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